2019 RCFA BOD Meeting Schedule

January 8, 2019  C-Shift     08:30 @ the Orange Crest Club General Meeting  & Swearing in of President, 2nd VP and 2019-2020 BOD positions To all off duty members wishing to attend this will be the first of three general meetings for the members for 2019
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Election results

To all RCFA Local 1067 members, today was the BOD meeting and the results for half of the BOD and the proposed 48/96 schedule.    Thank you Chris Ingalls for your service as a BOD.   Results for BOD: Wilson  Odebralski Detoy  Henritze  Llamas    Proposed 48/96 Schedule: 48/96 96 No 60 yes  
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PTSD in the firefighting community

It is National Mental Health Awareness Month which is a great reason to talk about the invisible injuries firefighters suffer from because of the physical and mental stress of their jobs. PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is alive and well in the firefighting community. Click on the link below to learn more about how many firefighters suffer from PTSD. View Video 
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