Veterans Day Tribute

RCFA would like to thank all those in uniform who have served our country across all branches of service. On This Veterans Day we would like to give special thanks to the Active RFD members who served.

Battalion Chief:  

Thomas W Jay Jr: United States Air Force, Master Sergeant, 10 years Active/Reserve


Joseph Reed: United States Navy, EQCM Master Chief, 22 Years


Thomas Kleveno: United States Navy, 3rd Class Petty Officer, 4 years


Carl Colby: United States Navy, 2nd Class Petty Officer, 12 years


Crispin Nunez: United States Army, 3 years


Mark Powell: United States Army, E5 Sergeant 101st Airborne 1st Brigade, 7.5 years


Gregory Curry: United States Navy, SB2 SWCC/PJ, 6 years




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